The little people with the big questions

7 November 2012

The staff at Greenpeace feel incredibly lucky to receive letters from people expressing their support of the work we do. Sometimes we receive drawings and poems, sometimes a note of congratulations, sometimes a suggestion. All letters are special – even the ones that tell us where they disagree with our activities. But some of the extra special ones come from little, green people.

Lucky for us these little green people are not invasive Martians. They’re super-smart, kids concerned with the health and sustainability of our planet’s natural resources.

Recently we received this special letter from a boy named Caleb:

(‘Dear Greenpeace how do you  protect an animal’s home when you’re just an ordinary school kid?’)

It’s a tough one, but this is what we wrote back:

“Dear Caleb,

You are not an ordinary school kid.

Thank you for your letter it is inspirational to us all here at Greenpeace and are very happy that you have an interest in animals and the environment.

We don’t print a lot of information any more so we save lots of trees for the animals to live in.

The way you can help animals and the environment is to complete your studies at school and maybe one day you might sail the oceans studying and protecting them with us.

I have sent you some stickers and a poster for you and also some information and poster.

Warm regards,

Walt Disney once said, “the real trouble with the world is too many people grow up.” From reading the hundreds of letters from concerned children, we definitely know there is a lesson to be learnt from their interpretations of the world. Sometimes it’s the simplest of questions or observations, such as “if we let the animals and plants die then how can we live?”, that sum up seemingly complex problems, and ultimately highlight the importance of the work we do together.

Thank you to Caleb and all the other kids who continue to inspire us at Greenpeace to keep working hard for the planet, even though we’re just ‘ordinary’ people.

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