The crew of the Rainbow Warrior add their reasons to #SaveTheReef

17 April 2013

The Great Barrier Reef may be Australia’s responsibility, but the whole world loves it. People around the world know the Reef is one of the most beautiful and precious places on Earth and they know it is at risk.

The world is watching.

Right now the Reef it is at a crossroads. Climate change, coastal development and an unprecedented coal boom could seal the fate of the Great Barrier Reef for good, unless we act now.  Together our voices can rise above those who want to put our Reef at risk.

Our campaign website One Million Reasons to Save the Reef is a visual expression of those voices. The mosaic of “reasons” that tens of thousands of people have added, sends a strong message to our government showing them we don’t want our Reef put further at risk for coal exports.

During the first leg of the Save the Reef ship tour sailing from Melbourne to Sydney, Greenpeace’s Digital Communication Officer, Alex Harris, found time to talk to a few of the crew of the Rainbow Warrior and ask them what their reasons were for wanting to save the Reef.

Featuring: Captain – Peter Willcox, USA, Second Mate – Emili Trasmonte, Spain, Third Mate – Angelo Musco, Italy, Deckhand – Sofia Kuczera, New Zealand, Deckhand – James Mather, New Zealand, Radio Operator – Colin Russell, New Zealand

Watch what they had to say here – then tell us your reason to save the Great Barrier Reef.