How to stage a #LEGOuprising

16 July 2014

Someone’s ruffled our LEGO figures bricks!

All over the world mini LEGO people are rising up in protest against LEGO’s partnership with Arctic driller Shell. They have taken the world by storm. So far, we’ve witnessed protests in Sydney, Hong Kong, China, Helsinki, Paris, London, Washington DC and Buenos Aires.

PicMonkey Collage2Web
The big bosses at LEGO have responded to it’s mini people’s outcry over it’s partnership with Shell by saying:

“We’re determined to leave a positive impact on our society and children. We’re saddened when the LEGO brand is used as a tool in any dispute”.

LEGO bosses have their heads in the sand if they think their partnership with Shell backs their vision of “leaving a positive impact on society and the planet“.

We won’t rest until LEGO bosses cut all ties with Shell, not allowing the Arctic destroyer to clean up its disreputable image by associating itself with it’s well-loved brand.

We need your help! Join the LEGOlution in 5 easy steps!

1. Raid your drawers – the more LEGO figures you can gather the louder the noise they will make.

2. Get your craft on and make some mini placards.

Buy some BBQ skewer sticks – they perfectly fit inside the LEGO figures hands and can be cut up into different sizes.

Find some cardboard and colour pens. Cut the cardboard out into mini squares and draw your own slogans onto the cardboard or print off the following graphics and stick them on:


In case you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few suggested slogans:

LEGO block Shell
Save the Arctic
Shell get out of the Arctic
LEGO Uprising

Now stick the back of the cardboard banners onto the BBQ skewer sticks using sellotape.

3. Find a well known landmark, a nice background that represents a typical Aussie scene, or just go crazy and be creative by creating your own protest or Arctic scene. Here’s something we made earlier:

PicMonkey Collage3web4. Take a pic on your phone. Make sure the LEGO figures are in focus. Blue tack on the bottom of the LEGO figures feet will stop them from falling over in the wind.

5. Upload your picture to all or one of the following sites:

  • Facebook – upload your pic onto our Facebook wall at:
  • Twitter – upload your pic using the hashtag #LEGOuprising and #BlockShell
  • Instagram – upload your pic using the hashtag #LEGOuprising and #BlockShell. Use the tilt-shift feature on Instagram to create a greater sense of scale.

Once the hard work is over, celebrate! Thank you for joining the LEGOlution!