Spring Fishion Show kicks off seafood labelling campaign

26 October 2014

It’s all about the label, according to top model and environmental scientist Laura Wells who compered the Bouillabaisse Spring Fishion Show which launched the ‘Label My Fish’ campaign in Sydney this month.


Roses and sunshine served as a glorious backdrop in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens. Guests nibbled on fish shortbread and watched models strut the ‘fishwalk’, with pouting fashionistas and photographers looking on.


You can catch some of the fin right here:

The message was as simple as the reform itself: Australia’s current seafood labelling laws leave consumers in the dark about what they are buying and eating.

The Label My Fish Alliance* is demanding improved consumer protection laws, like those already enjoyed by half a billion people in the EU.

This would require clear labelling of all seafood in fish shops, takeaways and restaurants, specifying:

  • what fish it is
  • where it is from
  • and how it was caught or farmed.

So you will know exactly what seafood you are buying and eating and can make sustainable choices which protect our oceans.

Ask the government to back the reforms – visit the Label My Fish website.

Because with the the right label, you’ll feel fintastic…

ps Don’t miss a new, three part SBS series ‘What’s the Catch’, which launches this Thursday 30 October at 8.30 pm, where Matthew Evans explores the truth about Australia’s seafood and reveals what we should be eating and why.

*The Label My Fish Alliance is Greenpeace, the Australian Marine Conservation Society, Taronga Zoo, Zoos Victoria and the SEA LIFE Conservation Fund, campaigning with Gourmet Farmer, chef and former restaurant critic Matthew Evans.  A growing list of high profile supporters, including actor Richard Roxburgh, Quay Chef Peter Gilmore, MoVida chef Frank Camorra, fishers from across the country, and New York Times best-selling ‘I Quit Sugar’ author Sarah Wilson, back the campaign.