Six apps for the tech-savvy activist

29 March 2018

© Grzegorz Broniatowski / Green

Knowing where to start when it comes to doing your bit for the planet, can be tricky. But there are heaps of resources out there that can help you be a champion for all things eco-friendly, right from your phone.


#1 RecycleSmart

Speaking of things that are a little tricky: recycling! The principles are clear, but the rules can change depending on where you are. Recycle Smart is an Australian app that makes the whole experience just that bit easier. Once you select your local council, you can search by item to find the correct disposal method and collection location in your area. And you might get some useful tips about services your council offers too!


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#2 Skeptical Science

Ever get stuck in a discussion with a climate denier? Skeptical Science has your back! The app’s tagline is ‘getting skeptical about global warming skepticism’. And it delivers 100%. Choose from common categories such as ‘it’s not happening’, ‘it’s not us’ or it’s not bad’ to streamline your response to a specific argument like ‘it’s a natural cycle’. Once you’ve chosen the myth you want to bust, Skeptical Science gives you a detailed answer complete with links to scientific papers and summarised research.

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#3 Ecosia

Imagine if every time you did a googled something, a tree was planted. Ecosia, a search engine dedicated to tackling deforestation, has reportedly planted a whopping 22 million trees since it was founded in 2009! Apparently, with 80% of the profits generated from ad revenue the company invests in tree-planting projects around the world. Watch in satisfaction as the search bar counter recording the number of trees you have helped plant goes up and up the more you use the engine.

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Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide

These days there aren’t plenty more fish in the sea. Due to overfishing, certain species just can’t keep up, and bad fishing practices are causing terrible damage to fragile marine ecosystems. That’s not just bad for our oceans, but also for billions of people around the world who depend on at-risk fish populations for food and a source of income. So where can you make a difference? With your seafood choices!  With this app, you have the information you need to avoid supporting harmful practices, right at hand when you do your shopping. The guide uses a friendly traffic light system to help you find out the impact of over 90 different types of seafood distinguishing wild-caught, farmed and imported varieties of the same species.

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Knowledge is power. #climate is a customisable app that links you to recent news items or actions you can take on environmental issues you care about. The whole app is designed to allow you to seamlessly participate; each story or cause can be shared with your friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook. Actions are collected from a curated list of top notch organisations (though we may be a little biased because we happen to make the list), and are summarised and presented concisely. The goal is to spread the word. So whether its forest conservation or urban sustainability that tickles your fancy, this app will help keep you up to date and ready to act.

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Bike-sharing apps

All around the world, people are ditching their carbon-emitting cars and turning to bike app-based schemes for a more convenient commute.  In Sydney alone there are now four different options: OFO, Mobike, Obike and Reddygo. They all allow users access to a fleet of bikes through their smartphone. Some of these apps are even dockless: thanks to GPS users can just find and take the bike nearest to them and don’t need to take the bike back to a specific docking point. And yes, that last point has led to some bumps on the road, with some people carelessly leaving their bikes in strange and annoying places. But we’re hoping that with time people will experience and learn to appreciate the benefits! After all, bike shares offer a parking-free, greener, cheaper transport option, and a chance to work out!

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