Our fave signs from the student climate strike

22 March 2019

The sign game was strong.

On Friday March 15th, students in over 2000 cities around the world skipped class to send a important memo to politicians: wake up and take urgent action on climate change, or put all of our futures at risk.

It was truly an incredible moment in history that brought a level of outrage, hope and energy appropriate to the urgency of the climate crisis. If you missed out you can relive it on Greenpeace International’s twitter, which we handed over to student leaders across the globe.

We’d be lying if we said that we didn’t have sky high hopes for the signage at the strike, and we’re happy to report that we weren’t disappointed. Here’s a few of our faves:

1. *Attention Liberals*

2. PLS:

3. There are literally children with more foresight than our Government:

4. 🔥 but also 😔

5. Our kinda tune:


7. Never forget *that* gross ScoMo moment:

8. Heads up that there’s a Federal Election in May:

9. We’ve done the Math, and climate change is more important:

10. Oh my god. Is someone cutting onions?

11. Stop politicising our future:

12. You know it’s serious when:

On a serious note, this strike was one of the most uplifting and inspiring moments we’ve seen in a long time. Huge props to the student organisers over at School Strike 4 Climate , the incredible Greta Thunberg who kicked it all off and to all of the legends that came along.

Photography: Dunja Karajic