Let’s stir up a Twitterstorm for the Reef on Q&A!

1 May 2015

This Monday, Environment Minister Greg Hunt and Shadow Environment Minister Mark Butler will be on the panel of the ABC’s Q&A programme.

This is a great opportunity to make the Reef a hot topic and put the Ministers on the spot! We need your help to stir up a Twitter Storm and put the destruction of our Reef in the spotlight.

The program starts at 9:35pm AEST Monday 4 May. Q&A is a live-to-air show that encourages people to engage with politics and society, and ask politicians and opinion makers questions about pressing issues. Help us make as much noise as possible by tweeting from your own account, and including the hashtag #QANDA

People are also being invited to submit questions. You can email or send via video format – see the address for details: http://www.abc.net.at/tv/qanda.  You can submit anything you like, but please help us with questions on the Carmichael mega-mine and Abbot Point.

We want you to help create the twitter storm!

You can use some of our suggested tweets below or create your own, just remember to include the Q&A hashtag #QANDA in all of your tweets!

  • Australians want the reef over coal – @GregHuntMP, stop Abbot point #QANDA
  • I am one of the many that chooses the Reef over coal #QANDA
  • We are mining for the truth on the Carmichael mega-mine > http://bit.ly/1OCv1pn #QANDA
  • The science is clear, @GregHuntMP, coal ports and coral reefs don’t mix. #QANDA
  • More jobs in Reef tourism than in coal mines. @GregHuntMP choose the Reef #QANDA
  • Carmichael mine to create 10,000 jobs? Reality check! More than 8,000 are false promises http://bit.ly/1OCv1pn #QANDA

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