I love to ride my bicycle

20 August 2012

It’s a cold winter morning, everyone is bundled up - coat, jackets, sweaters, gloves, scarves and caps. While I scramble to catch some sunshine, I see some braving the cold on their bikes.

Blogpost and photos by Ruhie Kumar

Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s Sydney office is decorated with colourful bikes. Of course it’s no surprise that at Greenpeace, there are staff members who choose to travel the environmentally responsible way – that is, to cycle. But is this the only factor for jumping on a bike, some riding as far as the Eastern Suburbs or the North West? I chatted with a few regular riders to find out more.

Here goes:

Who: Elsa Elvers: Media and Communications Officer.

Why: I think riding is a great way of getting some exercise. You get to talk to people because they say ‘hello’ to each other at traffic lights.

Who: Cat Dorey, International Co-ordinator – Sustainable Seafood Project.

Why:  Not having to wait for a bus or walk. And the best part about riding is riding home again and not to forget the nice people who see me each day and congratulate me for riding in any weather!

Who: Julien Vincent, Climate and Energy Campaigner.

Why: It’s a great way to see the outdoors, and much faster and better than the public transport. You see a lot while getting to and from work, which is a unique experience each time.

Who: Liesha Hanekroot – Supporter Relationships.

Why: It’s a great way to stay fit, it’s convenient and fun! I arrive at work with some fresh air and gives me an energy boost before getting to work!

Who: Kristen McDonald, Copywriter.

Why: Riding to work is a win-win-winning combo. You save money, can do your exercise while commuting, it’s faster than public transport, and you can enjoy the sunshine! The best part is -making friends on your way to work with all your fellow riders. Love the community!

Who: Pauline Georges, Major Gifts Manager.

Why: Riding provides a freedom that other modes of transport can’t. I’ve loved watching riding culture in Sydney develop over the years as more and more residents dust off their bikes and have some fun getting around the city.

Who: Manuel Gomez, Supporter Loyalty Coordinator.

Why: Riding to work puts me in a good mood, it helps me clear my mind and stay energised.

Who: Anna Parente, Fundraising and Marketing Assistant.

Why: I love riding my bike to work, you to get to experience the city in peace, just before it wakes up.

Besides the obvious health and environmental benefits of riding, the best part, hands down, is riding with my buddies. To work, from work, to the pub, to galleries, on dates – riding is better in numbers. It’s also pretty awesome to arrive at work to find there’s not a car in sight in our garage.

Be a part of a friendly thriving biking community. You don’t have to be fit or wealthy to start riding, just give it a go and before you know it, it will become becomes an essential part of your lifestyle. Start exploring, riding and socialising today!

Join in on the fun – Ride2Work Day 2012 is Wednesday 17 October. Ride2Work Days is the only nationally recognised event of its kind which provides an opportunity for individuals and organisations to celebrate riding to work and encourages people that don’t currently ride to give it a go. For more details click here.

Happy Biking!