Divestment: Everybody is doing it. So why haven’t you heard of it?

17 June 2015

It’s official. Coal is the most unfashionable thing ever. Coal is not cute Image source And what has taken it’s place? Divestment, darling.   Haven’t heard of it? Divestment means taking your money out of fossil fuel investments, feeling righteous, and then telling the world about it. No money for you, coal No money for you, fossil fuels. Image source And everybody is doing it. Let’s take a look.

Norway has just decided to move coal out of its trillion dollar pension fund!

In a historic decision, the Norwegian Parliament has committed to divesting its $900 billion fund - the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world - from coal. png;base6419e294f75d21447d

Prince Charles has made his getaway, taking his pocket money somewhere safer than fossil fuel companies…

Capture © Marcus Dawes 2011 Image source

Some of the Wall Street Giants are SELL, SELLing out of coal.

The Rockefeller Foundation, which made its fortune in oil, has divested from fossil fuels. Sell, sell! Sell, sell! Image source

The world’s best universities took the smart exit from fossil fuels

Stanford, SOAS, Edinburgh, and ANU universities have all done the brainy thing and divested. The scholars at Oxford University have also committed not to invest in coal and tar sands.   Image source

The Dutch state bank just announced it won’t finance coal mining any longer...

 Yeah divestment! Image source

And the Church of England didn’t want to miss out...

 11168472_10153234716742708_2137101418384326764_n1 Image thanks to Fossil Free UK

Even Paris, the fashion capital of the world, has declared solar is the new black.

In March, France passed a law saying that all new buildings in a commercial space must be covered in plants or solar panels! If that wasn’t enough, now the Paris City Council has passed a motion to support fossil fuel divestment!   Image via 350.org

Plus me.

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Thousands of normal old people with just a few thousand dollars in the bank, like me, are changing banks to avoid our hard earned dollars being used to fund climate change.

SYD_GlobalDivestmentDay13Feb201506 In fact, the only person that still thinks coal is cool is… 5810276-3x2-940x627 Image source ...our very own fossil fool, Tony Abbott. Which makes him look pretty silly... 033650-tony-abbott Image source ...when all the smart money is in renewables... Image source ...and we really question his common sense these days.  6316352-3x2-940x627 Image source Want to divest? Our friends at Market Forces have great guides, ranks, and comparisons of different Australian banks and super funds.