Dear Mr Prime Minister, please stand up for clean energy progress

7 July 2017

As the Prime Minister prepares to attend the G20 conference in Germany the Deputy Program Director of Greenpeace, Susannah Compton, has sent him a letter reminding him of the importance of maintaining the progress that financial institutions have made towards funding sustainable energy in developing countries.

6 July 2017

The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull, MP Prime Minister of Australia

Parliament House

Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Prime Minister,

RE: G20 Summit – MDBs’ and energy funding

I write this letter to urge you to maintain the G20’s focus on the important role MDBs play in funding clean and sustainable energy.

The last decade has demonstrated that renewables provide faster, cheaper, and more efficient access to energy than any other resource, with conservative estimates stating that renewables can provide universal energy access by 2030 at a cost of only $14billion a year.

Access to energy is of critical importance in boosting social welfare and productivity of developing nations, but 1.2 billion people worldwide still lack access to electricity. 80% of them live in rural areas, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa or developing Asia. Reports show that Africa has the highest reserves of renewable energy resources in the world, meaning that clean and sustainable energy can be brought to these communities at 4-20% of the cost of a grid connection. Not only does this energy structure cost less, but it uses less water (another vital resource for these communities), is quicker to build than traditional energy sources, and is more likely to attract funding as international bodies withdraw from fossil fuels. Defending the MDBs’ clean and sustainable progress in helping these communities energise their societies is crucial, now more than ever.

I hope Australia will take a leading role in maintaining the G20’s focus on the important role MDBs play, and must be encouraged to play, in funding clean and sustainable energy.


Susannah Compton

Deputy Program Director

Greenpeace Australia Pacific