Calling courageous and gracious giants

29 April 2019

There has never been a better opportunity to make coal history. Actor and Greenpeace Ambassador Isabel Lucas tells us why.

This blog is written by actor and Greenpeace Ambassador, Isabel Lucas.

This blog is written by actor and Greenpeace Ambassador, Isabel Lucas.

I’m lending my voice to an important video that tells the story of everyday people suffering from the damage being done to our climate at the hands of politicians. Now, it’s ready to show to you.

The video follows people affected by bushfires, floods and drought, and turns into a powerful rallying cry that seeks to unite people to take climate action at a time when politicians are desperately trying to divide and distract us. But this is our shared precious planet and we are all in the same boat here. We must act together, as one.

With a federal election just 4 weeks away, there has never been a more important time for everyone who cares about the future of our planet to come together to end coal, oil and gas pollution.

Now is the time to be the change we want to see, so let’s share this video and message far and wide.

Will you join the campaign to make coal history?


I am putting my voice behind this campaign because our earth and climate is deeply precious and needs us to listen and act in accordance.

There are only 11 years left to complete the epic transformation away from fossil fuels to avoid catastrophic climate damage. We can do this! It’s imperative we do not let another year go by without meaningful action.

Australia must replace all coal fired power stations with clean energy. Politicians have the power to do that.

The only thing standing in the way of a cleaner, kinder, more sustainable future is politicians, so let’s stand in their way.

I’m calling on all the courageous and gracious giants to emerge. Let’s create a future we are all proud of…