Save the reef petition

Can you imagine a world without our Great Barrier Reef? Right now, We have a big decision to make. The Australian government will soon choose a future with coal, or a future with the Great Barrier Reef. What we do in the next 7 days can change the course of the world’s greatest reef.

Save the reef petition

The Abbott government is reviewing yet another proposal to dredge millions of tonnes of seafloor in the Reef’s waters to make way for one of the world’s largest coal ports. The Queensland Government is proposing this disastrous project, and all they need now is the tick of approval from the Federal Government.

If it goes ahead, this project would open the floodgates to coal expansion along the Queensland coast and put a nail in the coffin of our Great Barrier Reef. Right now, the Abbott government wants to hear from you.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt can throw this proposal out but we have only until the 1st of May to convince him.

Let’s come together and put a stop to this short-sighted greed. Send a submission here before May 1 and tell Environment Minister Greg Hunt to dump this proposal once and for all.