This is the election we had to have. Finally, the environment movement with the help of the Australian population has dragged climate change onto the agenda. Meanwhile the coal industry, their pollie buddies and their gullible lap dog lackeys are still kicking and screaming. And the lie that they’re screaming is ‘clean coal’. Ha!

The desperation is palpable. This is their last ditch attempt to swindle the Australian population. First, we had there is “no such thing as climate change”. Next we had the nuclear energy debate muddying the waters. And now the clean coal oxymoron. I can just imagine the dialogue between the coal mafia bosses now:

“I know”, says coal mafia boss number one (insert lightbulb). “Now that everyone knows how dirty our coal is, let’s just start calling it clean instead, that’ll fool them.”

“Great idea,” says coal mafia 2IC. “We’ll tell them all that we can capture and store it. It will take years and years for anyone to test out our theory and by then we’ll have retired with our bags full of dirty coal money.”

The really sad thing is that some of us fell for it. The really great thing is it’s the last layer left in this onion of deceit. And once we peel away the myth of clean coal there’ll be nothing standing in the way of us and a cleaner, brighter future based on renewable energy.

Doubtful the coal mafia has this much influence?

Check out ExxonSecrets, a Greenpeace research project highlighting the campaign by Exxon-funded front groups – and the scientists they work with – to deny the urgency of the scientific consensus on global warming and delay action to fix the problem.