A scandal has unfolded in Queensland. Thanks to Right to Information laws, dodgy deals between the former LNP government and the fossil fuel industry have been exposed.

It turns out that the Carmichael project proposed right beside our Reef – strongly backed by our governments – was deemed ‘unbankable’ by the highest officials of the Queensland Treasury. Yet the LNP blatantly ignored their expert advice and planned on investing taxpayer’s money – your money – into a white elephant that could wreck our Great Barrier Reef.

The current Labor government mustn’t follow in their footsteps. In just a week, they’ll release their first Queensland budget and we need them to not give any free rides for the Carmichael project. Can you make a quick phone call and help put the pressure on the QLD Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to end handouts for the mining industry?


Here’s some talking points and tips for making a quick call to the Premier:

Things to say

Hi, I’m {your name} and was hoping to talk to the Premier about the Great Barrier Reef and the upcoming State budget.

  • I think the Great Barrier Reef needs to be protected. To do so, we cannot have coal mines in the Galilee Basin and expand the port at Abbot Point.
  • Please don’t use our taxpayer’s money to prop up the Carmichael project in Queensland.
  • Many international banks have said they won’t put their money into the Carmichael project due to the impact it will have on our Reef.
  • Before the last election your Government said these projects have to stand or fail on their own – please ensure the budget reflects this and there are no handouts or royalty holidays.

Tips for calling the Premier’s office

  • Introduce yourself and where you live, ask to speak to the Premier about the Great Barrier Reef
  • Always be polite and prepared to have a conversation. Most of the time, you’ll speak with an electorate officer – they are the Premier’s main point of insight into what issues are of concern to their electorate and you are more likely to convince the Premier if you come across as reasonable and passionate.
  • You don’t have to know everything! There are talking points above, but remember, what’s most powerful is to say why you are concerned about what’s going on so before you call, take a minute to think about why you care about the future of the Great Barrier Reef.
  • You might be interested to know that, as well as being bad for the Reef, subsidising the coal industry doesn’t make sense for jobs either as it produces less jobs per million dollars spent than almost any other industry (Source: The Australia Institute report “Outclassed”).