The end of the APEC meeting is a bit of a collective sigh for Sydney-siders but a disappointing for those of us hoping that it would be the first meeting in a decade where John Howard and George Bush stopped trying to undermine international action on climate change.

Alas, it was not to be. The ‘Sydney Distracton’ is a bland, ordinary, aimless piece of paper that is unlikely to move us anywhere fast. Yet Alexander Downer has called it a ‘diplomatic break-through’ claiming it is the first time China has agreed to greenhouse targets.

This is simply not true – China has ratified Kyoto, an agreement that calls for targets for developed countries, with a recognition that eventually, developing nations will also take on binding targets.

Let’s get a few things straight – China has a 16% renewable energy target. Australia’s is 2%. China has a more efficient vehicle fleet that the US, Australia and Canada. China has ratified Kyoto and is committed to remaining within the Kyoto Process.

Over the last 11 years, I have watched the extraordinarily selfish, self-interested behaviour of the Australian Government at the international climate negotiations. Behind their international climate position are the interests and profits of the coal and uranium industries – interests that are being put ahead of any other sector, ordinary Australians and future generations.

Read the analysis. And take action. And John Howard, we will have our clean renewable energy revolution to deal with climate change with or without you.

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