So what happened? For one minute it looked like Australia was taking a progressive leadership role in the international climate debate. Leadership that is sorely missing here in Bali. We ratified Kyoto, took the standing ovation, created an expectation with the world that we were ready to take the leap into a decarbonised future.

And then, when it was widely reported that Australia was going to support the step toward making a commitment to the concept of deep emissions cuts, the PM failed to send a message to the world, by retreating back into the shell of “wait and see”. It is clear that the industrialised countries have to show clear commitment, in order to gain the trust of the developed world, and today Australia could have done its bit.

But Australia missed the moment, and quickly lost its momentum.

Its not surprising that Australia was given the legendary Fossil Award today in Bali. The Fossil goes to the country that does the most to undermine progress in the negotiations.

Perhaps its not too late for the government reps to salvage something when the Aussie ministers arrive next week. Hopefully they will think again over the weekend and come to Bali with something more substantial to offer.

Steve Campbell, Greenpeace Head of Campaigns, in Bali
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