The People of Australia Inc. Are looking for a full-time Prime Minister to actually lead the country.

Now hiring: Aus PM

Job description:

The People of Australia Inc. are urgently looking for a full-time Prime Minister to actually lead the country.

In case you missed it: Australia is in crisis

  • We’re experiencing one of the worst ever droughts.
  • Extreme and unseasonal bushfires are raging across the country
  • The Reef is dying
  • And energy prices are going up with more and more carbon emissions

Your job is simple: address the above and stand up for the best interests of Australians.

Reporting to 25 million people, you’ll be part of our refreshed leadership team who will actually work for a living and create a better Australia for all.
Ideally, you’ll be able to demonstrate managing taxpayer money (into offshore accounts doesn’t count), and you must be able to lead a team confidently with minimal backstabbing.

We’ll also look favourably upon candidates who believe that science is real, due to the fact that large parts of the country are on fire right now.

The successful candidate must have:

– A conscience
– A backbone
– A shred of humanity

This is an urgent hire.

Salary is not necessarily in line with experience – the last guy earned roughly around 10 times what the average Australian earns.

NOTE: Coal huggers, Human Rights Abusers, and previous applicants definitely need not apply.

P.S: In reality, this whole situation is no joke. Your voice is missing from Australian politics. You deserve a say in who runs this country and the way it’s run. We can’t leave it to the liars, backstabbers, and coal-huggers currently at the helm.