When Kevin Rudd announced the 5% carbon emissions target in December, climate action groups organised creative protests with lightening speed. In Adelaide, they pelted ‘5% Kevin’ with shoes (a la the George Bush shoe pelt of 15 December). In Melbourne, activists sandbagged Martin Ferguson’s office against climate impacts. In Newcastle, they occupied the local member’s office. More than 60 creative protests erupted around Australia just one day after the paltry target was announced.

Imagine what 60 activist groups can achieve with three days’ intense planning.

That’s what the Climate Action Summit (31 January – 1 February, Canberra) is all about – pulling the community climate movement together for maximum effect and setting the agenda for a big year of climate action.

So, if you’re in a climate action group or want to be, check out the Climate Action Summit and join in with campaigning workshops, climate info sessions and training. There’ll be a facilitator there to help keep the Summit on track.

If you can’t make the Summit, join the day of action. On Tuesday 3 February (the first day of the 2009 Federal Parliament), join thousands of Australians encircling Parliament to demand immediate political action for a safe climate.

Need more info? Join the live online info session on 21 January.

We’ll see you there!