So here they are, 192 Countries. Over 12,000 delegates have come to influence the negotiations one way or another. It is right here, right now the negotiations that will be crucial to determining our future are being made.

One of the most contentious issues here, as it is at home, is a target for developed as well as developing countries to reduce their emissions. I was hopeful that Kevin Rudd would set us back onto the progressive climate action track we so waywardly derailed from under Howard however perhaps I was a little naïve. Yesterday I was disappointed to hear confirmed that Australia will not support any targets until our own ‘Stern Review’ style report has been completed next year.

But how many reports does the world need? Our Pacific Island neighbours like Kiribas are almost very really under water – they have two more metres to go… and the clock is ticking.

Sonya Tirtajaya is volunteering in Bali for Greenpeace International