Adrian and Gale resting by a water hole on their property with Greenpeace staff Helena and Terry

A lifetime of support, by Adrian Heyliger, Green Guardian Ambassador

It was around the mid 1970’s when I was listening to a news report on the radio about a group of brave warriors confronting Japanese whalers, placing themselves between the harpoons and whales. 

I was so taken back by the bravery of these men. The fledgling organisation was called Greenpeace. With that name, and the awe-inspiring report – it created a feeling of exhilaration that there was still hope for a harmonious, compassionate world.

Some years later Greenpeace became an international organisation with headquarters in the Netherlands, coincidentally my country of origin. 

Naturally, I joined as a member when the Australian branch started. I was horrified to hear that the French Government was involved in the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior at Auckland in the mid 1980’s.

Twenty years ago I moved to Atherton with my wife Gale. We spend our days growing organic mangoes and are aiming towards self sufficiency. Thousands of parrots inhabit the property, as well as flying foxes, wallabies, and turtles that dwell near a waterfall.

While the Rainbow Warrior was in Cairns this year, Terry and Helena from Greenpeace made the effort to visit our property. They thanked us for years of loyal support, and we shared many stories together over mango smoothies. It was the highlight of our year.

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