Blog entry by Chiara Campione – senior campaigner at Greenpeace Italy 

“Going PFC-free in one of the world’s most extreme and challenging natural environments is possible. I can do it”. This was the idea David Bacci – an Italian professional climber – submitted to us when we asked the outdoor community for ideas to make the PFC threat more visible to the public and challenge the outdoor sector to eliminate hazardous chemicals from their products. We thought it was the perfect way to show the world that PFC-free alternatives do work.

mountain climbing

David asked us to help him find some PFC-free gear for the challenge, so we decided to borrow some clothing from Páramo, a UK brand that doesn’t use PFCs in any of its products.

Now, a few months later, David has successfully completed two of the most intense climbing trails in the world, reaching the Patagonian peaks of Cerro Torres and Fitz Roy. He has become the first climber in 40 years to climb the demanding Ragni route, up the Eastern pillar of Fitz Roy.

According to him the “PFC free clothing from Páramo kept me dry and warm in extreme conditions” – he was very happy about it.

mountain climbing

A couple of days ago, at the ISPO (International Sport Fair) in Munich, Páramo announced its decision to make another important step forward by eliminating all hazardous chemicals from its supply chain and products. In being the first outdoor brand to sign the Detox commitment and join forces with the other 34 committed global brands, Páramo has shown itself to be a true leader in the industry.

Their commitment shows that it is absolutely possible for a brand producing high performance gear to stop using hazardous chemicals. Páramo are setting the highest standard in the whole outdoor sector and this example should encourage bigger brands to take the lead for a toxic-free future.

You can help: ask Mammut and The North face to stop contaminating the great outdoors and provide us with products that are not a threat to nature.

Join nature lovers around the world by asking these brands to Detox now.

Chiara Campione is a senior campaigner at Greenpeace Italy and she leads the corporate dialogue team for the Detox Outdoor project.