This week we took a trip to Canberra to send an unmissable message to PM Scott Morrison and the coalition on their first day back in parliament.

GYHOI|Activists Call on PM Scott Morrison to Drop Coal in Australia
|Greenpeace Australia Pacific climbers have taken to the flagpoles outside the Parliament House in Canberra to send a message to new Prime Minister Scott Morrison as he returns for the first day in parliament since taking over as leader of the country.
The activists have placed signs reading “Coal is killing our democracy” and “Get your hand off it” to call on Scott Morrison to drop his coal-loving ways.

After two weeks of political turmoil and Government infighting that led to yet another toppled PM, we found ourselves with a new leader and an openly coal-loving government with no clear climate policy. There are plans in the works to build more dirty coal power stations, walk away from the global climate agreement and attack groups like Greenpeace for speaking out.

With the government set to ignore the 96% of Australians who want affordable renewable energy solutions in the lead above, it was time to take our message direct to the seat of power and give PM Morrison an unforgettable welcome to his first day as PM.

Watch how the action unfolded on the day:

For over ten years, our leaders have succumbed to the influence of the fossil fuel industry, making action on climate change impossible.

Now, with no intention of reducing carbon pollution, the new Government stands to make things even worse.

That’s why we were there – to remind Australians of the power we have when we unite and resist coal. And thousands of people like you chipped in to make sure our PM knows that too!

Climber Zoe spells our message out.

On top of our huge banner, we also had these billboard trucks circling around Canberra all day:

And here’s our brave climbers Dan and Zoe’s live reports from the hot seat:

The protest received widespread news coverage on the major networks, getting our message out far and wide. Here’s Head of Campaign Dom Rowe sending a clear message to the government on 7 News:

Sign the pledge today to resist the dangerous, coal-driven agenda putting our future at risk.

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