Following a wave of climate action, a Federal climate emergency motion was tabled and voted on by the Greens on Tuesday 15th October. It was narrowly defeated, blocked by the coal-loving Coalition.

That it is even being debated at the national level shows how far we’ve come. The defeat is not the end. Just three Liberal MPs need to cross the floor to get the climate emergency legislation voted through. We will keep pushing.

Global climate strike - Frankfurt am Main
20 September 2019, Hessen, Frankfurt/Main: Participants of ”Fridays for Future” take part in a rally on the square in front of the Alte Oper. Throughout Germany, hundreds of thousands are taking to the streets in more than 500 cities for a climate strike. Fridays for Future is supported for the first time by other organisations and initiatives. (Credit Image: © Andreas Arnold/DPA via ZUMA Press)

We will keep pressuring Parliament until we can get this over the line.

Give one of the following Federal Liberal MPs (scroll down for their contact details) a call and urge them to vote the climate emergency through. Be polite and respectful!

Remember: declaring a climate emergency declaration is an important first step. It’s the beginning, not the end. But to fight the climate crisis we have to acknowledge its scale and urgency.

If you’re not sure what to say, the following talking points may be helpful:

  • We are in the grip of a complete ecological crisis. The climate emergency is all around us and is impacting our lives in so many ways – devastating droughts, bushfires all over the country, deadly air pollution, and a reef on life support.

  • This effects every one of us, no matter who you are, where you come from or what your politics are. It’s an existential threat – and acknowledging the scale of the crisis is an important step towards meaningful action. 

  • Over 6 million people in this country are represented by local jurisdictions that have declared a climate emergency – that’s nearly 1 quarter of all Australians in a matter of months. The Federal Government should follow in the footsteps of local communities and call this crisis for what it is – an emergency.

MPs to contact. Don’t worry if they are not your local MP, your call is still vital!

David Sharma, MP (Wentworth, NSW)

Office: (02) 9327 3988, Parliament: (02) 6277 4166

[email protected]

Tim Wilson, MP (Goldstein, VIC)

Office: (03) 9557 4644, Parliament: (02) 6277 2392

[email protected]

Trent Zimmerman, MP (North Sydney, NSW)

Office: (02) 9929 9822, Parliament: (02) 6277 4744

[email protected]

Jason Wood, MP (La Trobe, VIC)

Office: (03) 9768 9164, Parliament: (02) 6277 4982

[email protected]

Russell Broadbent, MP (Corinella, VIC)

Office: (03) 5623 2064, Parliament: (02) 6277 4233

[email protected]

Julian Leeser, MP (Berowra, NSW)

Office: (02) 9980 1822, Parliament: (02) 6277 4826

[email protected]

Greg Hunt, MP (Flinders, NSW)

Office: (03) 5977 9082, Parliament: (02) 6277 7220

[email protected]