If you’ve ever been diving in the Great Barrier Reef, you know why it’s a natural wonder revered all around the world. The Reef is a massive, vibrant, diverse underwater gem. It’s full of life and colour – and it needs your help.

Right now, the Great Barrier Reef has a UNESCO World Heritage Listing. But with a 50% decline in coral cover since 1985 and the impacts of industrialisation and climate change taking a toll on the Reef’s health – it’s clear that our greatest natural wonder is at risk.

UNESCO already knows the Reef is at threat, warning in 2012 that Australia’s planned industrial expansions directly threaten the World Heritage wonder. With a decision on whether to keep the Great Barrier Reef under close watch in June – now is a crucial time for us to keep eyes from around the world on the Reef.

You can help – take a virtual tour of our breathtaking Reef today and join the movement to keep it great. If we work together now, we can make sure that a virtual tour isn’t the only way future generations can see the world’s largest coral reef.

Extending over 2,300 kilometres off the north-east coast of Australia, there’s a lot of the Reef to see. Here are some highlights from Google Maps:

Great Detached Reef


Get close and personal with the Great Detached Reef here.

Lizard Island


Explore this underwater wonderland by clicking here.

North Horn, Osprey Reef


You can swim with the sharks in Osprey Reef here thanks to Catlin Seaview Survey.

Myrmidon Reef


Or if you’re more of a dolphin lover, check out Myrmidon Reef!

Heron Island


There’s a turtle or two to see at Heron Island…

Lady Elliot Island


And there’s plenty of fish in the sea around Lady Elliot Island. If you look hard enough, you might even spot a ray!

Explore the Reef from the sky


You can also explore the Reef from above with this panorama by AirPano.com.

We don’t want to see our Great Barrier Reef on the ‘World Heritage in danger’ list – we’d much rather see it protected. Unfortunately, the Australian government has not yet done enough to keep the Reef off the endangered list. There’s so much at risk.

The beauty, diversity, and complexity of the Great Barrier Reef cannot be easily replaced. Take action now: sign on to become part of a grassroots movement against plans to put the Reef at risk here.