3rd of May is International Day of the Sun! It’s an opportunity to celebrate the most abundant energy source on Earth, and see what needs to be done to get Australian homes, businesses and vehicles running on sunshine.

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Australia is the sunniest continent on earth. That means we’ve got the best access to solar energy in the whole world! 

And many Aussies are making the most of this sunshine to cut costs and fight climate change. Millions of Australian households have installed rooftop solar, which is quickly overtaking coal in national electricity generation.

Although we’re already powering our homes, businesses and vehicles with the sun, our transport system is still not taking advantage of this bountiful power source, but instead is still running on polluting oil.

Transport is one of the biggest sources of climate pollution in Australia – it alone counts for almost 20% of our total emissions – and it’s still growing! The need to electrify our transport system and power it with renewables like solar has never been more urgent.

Big businesses are making progress on switching to renewable energy like solar. Over 40 of Australia’s largest electricity-using companies including Coles, Woolworths and Aldi have already made a commitment to 100% renewable electricity by 2025.

So these companies are well placed to take the next step: committing to renewable-powered cars and trucks!

As part of our Electrify campaign, we’re urging Australia’s biggest companies to make the next renewable energy commitment: electrifying their cars and trucks and powering them with renewables.

IKEA is currently in poll position, but our biggest supermarkets are lagging behind, with Coles only scoring 2.55/10 in our Electrify Fleets rankings.

Thousands of customers are sending emails to Coles, Woolies and Aldi to say they want their groceries delivered by clean, electric vehicles – and you can too!

Join the electrification revolution by emailing Australia’s top supermarkets here.

See how other major companies ranked in our Electrify Fleets ranking here.