Graffiti art can be one of the most powerful ways to spread the message about important causes.


Whether it’s used to promote a political cause and speak out against oppressive governments, or speak up about climate change and the degradation of the environment, street art can bring attention to problems that aren’t addressed, and connect local communities with global issues.

The following types of non-permanent graffiti take art for the earth a step further – they’re created using or in combination with nature. Take a look below and then share your favourite street art with us in the comments!

1. Moss Graffiti

Street art using moss has taken the Internet by storm – and with good reason. This brilliant art form is easy enough to do yourself, and brings together nature and the city. All you need is moss, water, yogurt and sugar – instructions here. Depending on how creative you get – they can also be a great natural design tool for the exterior of your home and your backyard!

Check out some beautiful designs below.

moss-graffiti-1 moss-graffiti-3

Image credits: webponce (artist Anna Garforth)


Image credits: Edina Tokodi


Image credits: Anna Garforth

moss-graffiti-6 moss-graffiti-7

Image credits: Jaime Rojo (artist Hugo Rojas)

2. Ice Street Art

In this “Melting Men” series, Brazilian artist Néle Azevedo uses ice to bring attention to global issues. In 2009, she worked with WWF to place 1000 ice figures in Gendarmenmarkt Square in Germany to emphasise the human impacts of climate change. Take a look at her moving work below and view more of her work on her website here.

All images of artwork by Néle Azevedo, found on

3. Reverse Graffiti

Groups like the Reverse Graffiti Project use power-washing to create artworks on urban walls. Now that’s green washing we can get on board with!


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