It’s 12:31am of Saturday 5 April 2008. The Bangkok climate change talks were to have ended yesterday. This was to be a first meeting after Bali to discuss the work plan for the next 2 yrs which will deliver a second commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol by Copenhagen in 2009. The plenary has just reconvened to discuss draft text which was wraggledover till around 1am and all of yesterday. This is just the process to agree to a workplan. Imagine when the negotiations start on the real a issues like targets, emissions reductions, etc???

A few govt delegates have left to take flights back home. The media is present here in a good show of strength.

The NGO comunity is here in a good show of strength. After last night’s talks deadlocked due to Japan’s bad playing tactics, the NGOs raised bad publicity in Tokyo and we saw some compromise being reached today.

So, it was great to see the power of the media as a agent to bring about positive change.

I will end here because I am dozing off to sleep here at my desk. The talks continue with views being expressed by government delegates. Goodbye for now from Bangkok.