Our people-powered campaign to stop Coke trashing Australia went up a notch last week when we took to the streets to recycle some of Coke’s ad space.



Coke spends millions getting its message across in Australia, whether it’s through advertising to sell more sugary fizzy drinks, or trying to influence important public policy issues.  For a fizzy drink company, they frankly have too much influence.

We can’t match their ad money.  And we can’t brand-jam all their ad space either.  So we’re going to need your help to get our message across to make sure politicians, starting with NSW premier Mike Baird, know that putting the profit of this fizzy drink giant before a real solution to plastic pollution won’t cut it.

coke shark

Here are 3 things you can do right now to build on the momentum.

1. Write on Mike Bairds Facebook wall – here are some suggested posts (tag your local MP too if you can):

  • Hi Mike, can you assure me that you will keep your promise of a word’s best practice container deposit scheme in NSW and stop @CocaColaAustralia trashing Australia?

  • Coca-Cola wants to make sure NSW doesn’t get proper recycling laws. I want a 10c deposit scheme for all containers. @MikeBaird please say you’ll #stopcoke trashing Australia

  • Coke is fighting against the world’s best recycling system that was promised to the people of NSW. Mike, please confirm you’ll #stopcoke trashing Australia

  • Mike Baird, please choose cash for containers over @coca-cola’s dodgy recycling scheme. #stopcoke trashing Australia

2. Visit Coke’s Facebook page and leave a message, tagging Mike Baird. Here are some suggestions for you to copy and paste (it’s always best to write your own , but you need to include ‘@MikeBaird’ in your post to tag him).

  • I am outraged Coca-Cola is trying to stop the popular and proven Cash for Containers recycling scheme that @MikeBaird promised the people of NSW – this scheme should be national!

  • Coke only cares about selling more Coke. Stop trying to pretend your proposed scheme, ‘Thirst for good’, is about a solution to litter when it’s really about protecting your profits. I hope @MikeBaird doesn’t listen to you.

  • Cash for Containers is the only scheme proven globally to improve recycling rates. I won’t accept a fizzy drink company influencing our environmental policy. @MikeBaird, I hope you’re listening.

  • A refundable 10c per bottle is all it takes to fix drink container litter. I’d happily pay that! Get out of the way Coca-Cola. Let @MikeBaird keep his promise of a world’s best-practice container deposit system.

3. Watch and share our latest Coke video

Coke won’t like it one bit, but it’s high time everyone knew the truth about their efforts to crush this popular and proven scheme.

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