You signed petitions. You scaled Parliament’s flagpoles. You sent climate-wreckers a message. You are Greenpeace.

Making Oil History Community Flotilla in Apollo Bay, Australia
A student-led flotilla including kayaks, sailboats, paddle boards, and surfboards set sail in Apollo Bay Harbour to send a message to oil companies that they are not welcome to drill in the Great Australian Bight.
The flotilla was organised by a 15-year-old student from nearby Apollo Bay College.
The event coincided with the Rainbow Warrior’s visit to the town, as part of the Making Oil History ship tour. Over the coming months, the Rainbow Warrior will investigate, document, and showcase Australia’s most unsung treasure – Great Australian Bight – to the entire country and the rest of the world in preparation for the battle against oil drilling.

In 2018 year, you were part of a winning team.

You signed petitions, called your MP, wrote letters, chipped in. You volunteered your time, mobilised your communities and took to Facebook to discuss, interrogate and stand up.

You showed up for what matters. Because like us, you believe in democracy and environmental justice; a safe, green and fair future for all.

You were loud and together, we were deafening. These are your wins.

You did all of this because every single action makes a difference. 

From all of us at Greenpeace Australia Pacific: thank you.

P.S – This year was big, but next year will be even bigger. There’s a lot of progress to make in stopping pollution and building a clean economy – and we’ll be there. The federal election will see a new government take the reins on climate change – we’ll be there too. We’ve all got a powerful role to play next year – so {user_data~first_name}, thanks for being part of it.