The University of Sydney is funding the destruction of endangered forest, prime farmland, and indigenous heritage sites through a million dollar investment in Whitehaven Coal.

Action from people like you got Sydney Uni to announce in late August that they will make no further investments in coal while they review their investment policy. But Sydney Uni money is being used to build the destructive Maules Creek coal mine.

Even smart people make dumb choices. Tell Vice-Chancellor Michael Spence to sell any shares before it is too late.

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Dear Dr Spence,

I am encouraged by the news that the University of Sydney has accepted that coal is an unethical investment and has decided to stop making any further investments in coal and consumable fuel companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

It is a step in the right direction.

But the University still owns around $1 million of shares in Whitehaven Coal — a destructive company that represents everything that is wrong with the coal industry in Australia.

Whitehaven Coal's Maules Creek project is the largest coal mine currently being built in Australia. Its construction is destroying the critically endangered Leard State Forest, putting over 30 threatened animal species in jeopardy, compromising fertile farmland, and damaging indigenous Gomeroi heritage sites. When fully operational, the mine at Maules Creek will be responsible for over 30 million tons of CO2 emissions every year, accelerating dangerous global warming.

I am writing to ask you to live up to your recently stated position on ethical investing and direct the university's investment managers to sell all shares currently held in this destructive coal company today.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Yours Sincerely,

[your name here]