It’s home to countless native animals hibernating for winter, but Leard State Forest could soon become a monster new coal mine unless we act now.

Our politicians have given mining giant Whitehaven Coal approval to bulldoze this ancient forest, despite the devastating impact it would have on local communities, native animals and our global climate. We cannot let this go unchallenged.

Sign our petition to NSW Planning Minister Pru Goward asking she permanently halt the clearing and save the Leard.

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Dear Minister Goward and Minister Stokes,

I am asking you to call a permanent stop to the destruction of the Leard State Forest, which is set to be further bulldozed by Whitehaven Coal.

Whitehaven's original biodiversity management plan stipulated that 'clearing of areas for mining will be undertaken predominantly late summer and early autumn periods in order to avoid key breeding/hibernation seasons for threatened bat and bird species known to reside in the Leard State Forest.'

Please reverse the decision to allow coal mining in and clearing of, the Leard State Forest.

Yours sincerely,

[your name here]