Yes! I want my products to be tiger and forest friendly!

 The last home of the Sumatran tiger is being destroyed to make the products we love. Join the thousands taking action to Protect Paradise.

Greenpeace Tiger Manifesto

I’m fearless for forests! I want the products I use to be free from tiger extinction. Clearing their homes to make way for palm oil plantations in Indonesia must stop, especially when there are better solutions.

I look after myself and I want to know what’s in my products. Don’t make me part of the Sumatran tigers’ extinction.

Yes! I want the products I love to be tiger and forest friendly.

— There are solutions that don’t involve forest destruction. We want clean palm oil and we ask that our favourite brands listen to our voices. 
— We believe immediate action must be taken to stop habitat destruction finding its way into the products we love. 
— We have the right to know if our favourite products are linked to tiger extinction.

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