A brutal and misguided mass cull of sharks was trialled in 2014 in Western Australia. The West Australian Government is seeking to extend this cull for another three years, despite hundreds of sharks dying and no conclusive evidence culls protect humans.

All human deaths at sea are tragic -- but this knee-jerk response is scientifically unproven and pushes already vulnerable species to the brink.

Let's pile the pressure on WA Premier Colin Barnett to halt this senseless shark attack.

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Dear Premier,

I am writing to you to express my opposition to your government's proposal to extend the 'bait and kill' policy for sharks in Western Australia for another three years.

My heart goes out to the families and friends of the victims of shark attacks, but I believe that scientific evidence does not support the introduction of a 'bait and kill' policy for sharks as a response.

As more than 100 scientists said in a 2013 letter to you: "Culling sharks is merely a cosmetic solution to the problem of shark attacks. Public education and shark avoidance are measures with long-lasting effects that will ensure the friendly co-existence of sharks and humans. Non-invasive methods such as aerial patrols have been proven to work in minimising, even further, the small chance of a shark attack."

In this vein, I applaud your government's funding of major shark research projects through the Department of Fisheries, particularly regarding tagging activities along the Western Australian coast.

However, I believe 'bait and kill' could have a severe impact on species already threatened or in decline, yet produce no benefit for ocean-lovers. Please heed the advice of scientists and repeal this policy immediately.

Yours sincerely,

[your name here]