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We stand in solidarity for action against coal

This week, six Greenpeace activists did something incredibly brave for the future of our planet. They boarded a fully-loaded coal ship as it left the Great Barrier Reef – a daring but necessary act to stop Australia’s coal exports driving catastrophic global warming.

These activists have come from China, India, USA, New Zealand and Australia -- countries where the actions of coal companies are having a drastic effect on air quality, farming, forests and our climate.

Stand in solidarity with these activists by signing on to our statement of support today. We will publish the statement nationally in the Australian Financial Review.

The statement

Coal exports are Australia’s greatest contribution to the dire threat of global climate change.

In Australia, the resulting extreme weather patterns intensify the bushfires and floods that devastate our communities.

Yet the coal industry plans to double exports in the next decade. All of this puts Australia’s national treasure, the Great Barrier Reef, in grave danger.

The failure of our major political parties to act on this threat is acute, while the necessity to reduce carbon emissions is urgent.

We, the undersigned, believe peaceful civil disobedience is now justified to prevent the further expansion of coal exports.

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