It’s your meeting but it’s my home

This post is just in from Leah Wickham, our Pacific representative in Poznan.

leah_wickham_blog.jpgI arrived in Poland two days ago, having travelled thousands of miles from the hub of the South Pacific and enduring flight delays, missed connections and lost luggage. Then there’s the cold and the minus-0 temperature. That is agonising for a girl from Fiji who’s never experienced anything less than 21 degrees in her entire life.

Why Poland? The UNFCCC COP 14 will be held here over the next two weeks. Crucial decisions will be made on the path that developed countries will take to reduce greenhouse emissions and the devastating effects of climate change on the people of my region.

I am here as part of a 12-member Solar Generation youth delegation from all over the world. We want to remind the parties of their responsibility to the world and especially to our generation. We will be the ones left to clean up the mess if they don’t get serious and take immediate steps to reduce greenhouse emissions.

The people of the Pacific are innocent victims of climate change brought about by massive emissions from developed countries and I can’t stand back and let this proceed. We are at risk of losing the very islands we call home, our culture and our identity if this meeting does not deliver REAL greenhouse emission reductions.

Leah Wickham, Solar Generation


  • Lagi Toribau

    Thanx Leah and Paul for taking the fight over to the policy makers. Be the unheard voice of our people and kick hard on the good fight. LET THE VOICES OF THE YOUNG BE HEARD……..

  • Ron Ronaivakulua

    There is no time like the present to make changes for tomorrow today..Go guys Fiji counting on you..

  • Subha Ram

    Good work guys! Hats off

  • daniel loo

    thats right!!!!leah u tell em!!!!u go girl!!!!!!!!

  • Rajneel Pratap

    All the best Leah……You are our Voice of the Pacific… we are proud of you!!!

  • abigail

    i m a fijian currently living and studying in poland (warsaw), and i am very proud to hear that one of my very own people has taken this oportunity to travel and voicing out concerns…. please contact me as soon as you can