Some sticky business going on with LEGO

Yesterday a team of Greenpeace staff and giant LEGO people headed to Sydney’s biggest toy shops to tell LEGO to quit its dirty deal with Shell by plastering ‘save the Arctic’ stickers all over its toy boxes.


But before they set off, giant LEGO people worked on their muscles for the mass stickering event.

In stores across Sydney there was some sticky business going on.


Saving the Arctic is definitely no picnic.


LEGO teaming up with Shell is right up GROSE street.


I dunno if everything is awesome, but everything is stickered.


This is my angry face, grrrrr!

Caught yellow handed!

Get involved with the LEGO uprising, tell LEGO to block Shell!

  • Ben

    Thanks for ruining those boxes! Also how great of you to make those stickers, and how many trees were cut down to make your pamphlets. I could go on and on