Rudd Shafts Pacific

We’ve just got our hands on the communique from the Pacific Island Forum. It is a total disaster. Rudd has shafted the Pacific.

Pacific leaders went into the PIF calling for 45% cuts in greenhouse pollution by 2020. They left agreeing to 50% cuts by 2050.  They went in with a strong position that global warming needs to be kept below 1.5 degrees, and finished up agreeing to 2 degrees. That is what bullying looks like.

Rudd’s media statement was a complete fraud. Crocodile tears for the Pacific. Oh the flowery rhetoric of urgency and dire need – matched with the politics of the big polluters.

If 50% cuts by 2050 is all they can agree to then people in the Pacific might as well start looking for another home now.

  • Richard Dudley-Smith

    Rudd has to go. All the climate sceptics have to be outed so that the community can decide whether they are wanted as our representatives, and it’s time to name all the lobbyists for the big polluters and pursue them on an individual basis.

  • angie

    The Pacific Leaders needed no help from Rudd and Key in signing the death warrant for their own people and the cimate.

    Climate change is a non negotiable issue for the Pacific…they should have stuck to their guns and screwed the consensus process of the Forum and demanded that the AOSIS position of 45 % reduction by 2020 got in. They would have gotten the support of their NGO’s , media, international allies and the public in the region if they had done so.
    It’s too easier to blaim Australia and NZ in bullying the Pacific….and a convienient argument that lets off the Pacific leaders from fighting for what is right for their people and for the climate.
    Shame on the Pacific leaders…and NGO’s such as GP needs to stop being nice and politically and culturally correct and demand with other Pacific NGO;s that Pacific leaders need to stop being being spinelesss cowards! . They are weak becos they choose to be weak politically. The pacific is an embarrassement within the Alliance of Small island States, and have effectively undermined the AOSIS position with their loser communique in the lead up to COP15….!!!

  • HmmmmmNow

    Seems to me they should just either learn to negotiate or not bother turning up. And if “Rudd has to go” Richard, exactly who would you suggest to replace him? Last I heard we lived in a democracy (don’t get me wrong, I didn’t vote for him or his party, but I’ll vigorously defend any democratically elected government) – and for your information, the community did decide at the last election. Seems to me you’re angling for some kind of leftist dictatorship with all this “let’s oust the ones who don’t agree with our point of view” propaganda.

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