About the Electrify Fleets campaign

Electrify Fleets calls on some of Australia’s biggest companies to clean up their transport pollution by switching to 100% renewable powered electric cars and zero emissions trucking.

The problem

Transport is the fastest growing source of climate pollution in Australia, accounting for about 20% of emissions. Big polluters must clean up their act by getting off coal, oil and gas for the world to avoid the worst effects of global warming, including extreme floods, fires, heatwaves and sea-level rise.

In Australia, over 40 major companies have already committed to 100% renewable electricity which opens up a big opportunity for cleaner, quieter renewable-powered transport.

Electrifying the cars, vans, utes and trucks on our roads is better for the environment, better for communities and better for business because a cleaner, healthier future is better for all Australians.


We’re asking businesses to clean up their cars by committing to the following targets:


Electrify all new cars added to the fleet from 2025 and set a target for 100% of passenger cars by 2030.


Commit to zero emissions trucking by 2040, starting with a transition to electric for short distance and delivery trucks by 2030.


Get supply chains on board with the commitments by adding them to tenders and contracts by 2024.

Why fleets?

Every year, over 40% of new cars are purchased for fleets. Most of these cars are used for an average of 3-5 years before entering into the second hand car market, meaning that companies and governments can have an outsized impacted on supplying more affordable electric vehicles to more Australians.

Just 1,000 companies are responsible for 1.5 million cars on our roads.

When companies electrify their fleets, everyone benefits.
By switching to electric vehicles, corporate fleets can:

Green energy

Lower fuel and maintenance costs.

Solar power

Reduce climate pollution and help create quieter, cleaner streets.

Electric vehicle (EV)

Enable more Australians to access electric vehicles via the secondhand car market.

What you can do to help

Use your voice

As a customer or employee, your actions can help steer companies in the right direction.

So they need to hear from you! Sign our open letter to let companies know that you want to see their fleets electrified and powered by the wind and sun.

See the case for electric fleets

Interested to find out more about why it’s good business to electrify fleets?