41% of all new car
sales in Australia are bought for fleets

In 2022, businesses were responsible for
4.5 million vehicles on Australian roads.

Electrify Company Fleets

Companies have an important role to play in electrifying our cars and trucks – but they're not moving fast enough.

Keep scrolling to find out which companies are leading the race to electric vehicles – and which are still in the slow lane.

Take Action

Companies have stalled on the road to electric vehicles. It's time we told them Australians want cleaner, quieter streets.

Here are simple 3 things you can do right now to get corporate fleets into gear.

Greenpeace Electric Fleets Petition

Sign the open letter

Your voice matters. Australian companies need to know that their customers want renewable-powered electric cars and trucks. Let them know you want cleaner, quieter, streets in your neighbourhood.

Share the Electric Fleets on LinkedIn

Share on LinkedIn

Spark the conversation in your network by sharing the campaign on LinkedIn and showing companies that renewable-powered electric transport is the way to go!

A fleet of trucks on a green background

Email the supermarkets

Join the thousands of Australians calling on supermarket giants Coles and ALDI to make a commitment to clean transport.

Why should businesses
electrify their fleets?

Green energy Reduce climate pollution
Solar power Save on costs
Electric vehicle (EV) EVs for all Australians
Why should businesses electrify their fleets

The latest news on electric vehicles

A Woolworths electric truck

Canberra Times

Supermarket giant Woolworths is leading the charge in electric fleets

An electric vehicle at a charging station

The Driven

Rethinking electric vehicle charging: how fast is "fast enough"?

Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 10.30.17 am

Charging Corporate Action by Greenpeace

The case for renewable-powered electric vehicle fleets

An electric car at a charging station

Cities Power Partnership

120 Aussie Mayors and Councillors spark campaign to fast-track affordable EVs

A silver Polestar car parked under a large tree

The Driven

Polestar slashes CO2 emissions from EVs through green metals, more renewables

A podcast cover image with a microphone

Fleet News Group Podcast

We talk to Fleet News Group podcast about our new electric fleet rankings

The Toyota Files by Greenpeace

The Toyota Files by Greenpeace

Unearthing the secrets behind Australia's most trusted carmaker

Pollution may kill 10 times more than crashes

Sydney Morning Herald

The hidden road toll: Pollution may kill 10 times more than crashes

Volvo to start making electric trucks

The Driven

Volvo to start making electric trucks at Australia’s biggest vehicle factory in 2027

Lead the charge towards cleaning up automotive supply chain

Leading the charge

A new global campaign to lead the charge towards cleaning up automotive supply chains

A red electric truck with Australia Post branding sitting in a warehouse

Fleet EV News

Australia Post has taken delivery of its first Volvo electric vehicle


The Driven

Teachers Mutual Bank commits to 100% electric fleet by 2027

It's time to get our homes, workplaces and communities off oil and gas forever. Head on over to our main Electrify website to see what else Greenpeace is doing in the electrification revolution. 

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