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The climate crisis threatens us all. But we still have time to take action. Together we can stop the burning of dirty coal, oil and gas driving the climate crisis and help protect endangered species, our children and our future.


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Together we can fight for a brighter future

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Push the Morrison government to rapidly ditch fossil fuels that are driving the climate crisis and destroying the Great Barrier Reef.

Research vital marine ecosystems and wildlife to help secure a Global Oceans Treaty to protect our oceans and help avoid the worst impacts of climate change.  

Expose Australia's biggest energy polluters and increase investment in renewable energy by encouraging Australians to switch providers.

Recent Victories in Australia and the Pacific

Greenpeace operates in 55 countries creating the global impact needed to protect our planet

Pushed big corporates to cut emissions

Exposed AGL as Australia's biggest climate polluter

Saved the Bight from oil drilling

In 2021 we pressured supermarket giant ALDI to commit to running on 100% renewable energy by end of 2021 and Woolworths and Bunnings by 2025, resulting in a massive cut in the emissions that are driving the climate crisis and new investment in clean renewable energy. 

In 2021 we triumphed over AGL Energy in a landmark intellectual property judgement in the Federal Court. This fossil fuel giant tried to silence us but failed. As the biggest polluter of Australia we will keep exposing the truth and fighting to close their dirty coal-burning power stations.

In 2020, after a relentless campaign, the Norwegian oil giant Equinor withdrew its plans to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight. This comes after Chevron and BP also withdrew their plans thanks to the pressure from Greenpeace and local communities.

We can make the world act now to address the threats of climate change 




Rapid shifts in temperature means already vulnerable species can’t keep up and are at risk of extinction due to climate change.

Weather events like bushfires, droughts, floods, rising sea levels, and ocean acidification are becoming more extreme and frequent. 

Air pollution from fossil fuel emissions has been linked to asthma, reduced lung function, preterm births, and hundreds of early deaths.

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 before more precious lives take their last breath

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