Woodside’s Dirty Gas Project

Fossil fuel giant Woodside wants to drill for climate-wrecking gas in Western Australia's precious ocean - endangering the lives of 54 threatened species, including whales and turtles.

The most climate polluting project currently proposed in Australia

Fossil fuel giant Woodside want to drill for climate-wrecking gas in Western Australia’s beautiful oceans – home to whales, turtles, sharks and corals.

Woodside are recklessly pushing ahead with the dangerous Burrup Hub project, ignoring the enormous risk to the climate and environment.


Explore the habitat map

Greenpeace has mapped Woodside’s proposed Burrup Hub offshore infrastructure, showing how it cuts through key habitat for marine species like whales. The map uses Geographic Information Software (GIS) data and also includes spill and accident scenarios based on Woodside’s own documents provided to state and federal regulators.





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