An Economic Recovery That Puts People & Planet First

We're building towards an economy that works in harmony with nature for a fairer, safer and more resilient Australia


Out of the ashes of COVID-19 and the Black Summer of Bushfires, we are presented with a unique and unexpected opportunity. This is our chance to flatten the climate curve by rebuilding an economy that works in harmony with nature for a fairer, safer and more resilient Australia.

Experts and policy-makers from across the world have projected that using the recovery to transition away from fossil fuels will have hugely positive impacts, including increased investment in Australia and job creation at a time when we need it most1,2.

It sounds like a no-brainer but right now multi-millionaires, rich off the back of toxic fossil fuels like coal and gas are putting extreme pressure on our politicians and decision-makers for public funds to be spent propping up these dying industries.

It’s important we remember that Australia is a democracy, and the decisions the country is being faced with are to be made by our elected leaders. We need to make sure they hear our demands loud and clear: Leave fossil fuels out of the recovery; it’s time to chart a course towards a clean, renewable and resilient future.

Two children who are Mirning people from Great Australian Bight



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