Ending the oil age

Join the movement to stop oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight and hasten the end of the oil age.

The oil age is ending and a new story is starting to be told, of brave people coming together to tear down the broken system and build a better life - one that honors the limits of the fragile little planet we all share.


Big oil is being turned back from pristine wilderness frontiers like the Arctic and Great Australian Bight. Resistance to oil’s destructive influence is spreading. Indigenous Peoples are joining with allies all over the world to protect sacred forests, grasslands, and waterways. Neighbours are standing in the path of pipelines and oil rigs, young people are fighting in court for their right to a healthy future.

A new world is rising up. Cities across the map are breaking free from fossil fuels and soon whole countries will follow. Everlasting energy from the sun and wind, electric vehicles, and community-centered solutions are showing us a way out, offering new jobs and hope.


Four people in kayaks have reached Equinor’s rig, the Songa Enabler. They are bringing a huge globe with messages from people around the world urging the Norwegian government to end its Arctic oil expansion.

We stand at the edge of a cliff. Oil companies have pushed us here, and their insatiable greed threatens to tip us over.

For decades, oil executives have known about the dangers they were selling humanity: polluting the air we breathe and the water we drink, gambling away our safety from monster storms and rising seas

The oil age has come at huge cost: a climate spiralling into crisis as a result of our burning of this fossil fuel, devastating oil spills that have put marine and coastal life at risk, cars and trucks choking our cities with toxic air, the violent repression of Indigenous and local communities and a planet littered by plastic by-products of this bonanza.

And as their industry dies, in a desperate last grab for power, oil bosses are pursuing yet more dangerous drilling at the earth’s wild frontiers like the fragile Arctic, Amazon, and Great Australian Bight.

The Great Australian Bight

The Great Australian Bight is a pristine wilderness, home to a critical whale sanctuary, tight-knit coastal communities and fishing towns, hundreds of kilometres of towering cliffs and more unique species than the famous Great Barrier Reef.

But the beautiful Bight is at risk. Big oil companies, like Norwegian oil giant Equinor (formerly Statoil), are circling. They have decided that the Bight’s wild and pristine waters are the perfect place for risky deepwater drilling. If approvals are granted, the threats of an oil spill, deafening seismic blasting and climate destruction are all too real.