Clearcutting Free Speech: How Resolute is silencing free speech

15 May 2017


How Resolute Forest Products is going to extremes to silence critics of its controversial logging practices

Canada’s Great Northern Boreal Forest, stewarded by Indigenous Peoples since time immemorial, includes some of the world’s last large expanses of undisturbed natural forest, is home to threatened species, and is one of the largest terrestrial stores of carbon globally. It has also become the site of a battle over free speech and advocacy.

Greenpeace and other public interest advocacy groups have been speaking out about Resolute Forest Products’ controversial forestry practices for years. However, instead of working collaboratively to find lasting solutions, Resolute filed two lawsuits: a $300 million Canadian dollar (CAD) anti-racketeering lawsuit against Greenpeace USA, Greenpeace International, and individual activists, and a CAD$7 million defamation and economic interference lawsuit against Greenpeace Canada and individual activists.

A new Greenpeace investigation reveals the extremes Resolute is going to to silence critics, and that many companies that rely on free speech and transparency as a core part of their business, and who should be natural allies of advocacy and expression, are among Resolute’s customers.