In general, Greenpeace's style places more emphasis on fonts, colour and graphic content than on the logo. You should, however, seek to maintain consistency in its colour and placement at all times. Our logo should be used on approved campaign and fundraising collateral only. If in doubt, check with your project coordinator.

Greenpeace activists in kayaks unfurl flags and banners with the message 'Planet Earth First.' © Francesco Alesi / Greenpeace


When considering logo placement, be careful to not position the logo on top of busy or low contrast backgrounds such as photographs or detailed illustrations, as this will cause it to get lost in the design. As a general rule, the greater you make the contrast between these two elements, the greater the impact your design will have.

When considering where to position it, it’s usually good to make it small and put it towards the bottom of whatever you’re making. The minimum horizontal size the logo should be reproduced is 30mm.


The logo should only be used in green (#66cc00). black (#000000) or white (#FFFFFFF).



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