Helvetica Neue is the font for our core communications. It has been chosen for its simplicity, readability and availability. It is also easy to use with different fonts when designing other communications with specific messages.

Big, bold and simple are the key elements to Greenpeace’s typography.

  • Titles and headlines should be big and bold.
  • Paragraphs should be left-aligned and rag-right (the default setting for most left-to-right written languages) and use Helvetica Neue Light or Regular.
  • We have a licence to use Helvetica Neue for Greenpeace campaigns. If you are making campaign content and would like a copy of Helvetica Neue please contact [email protected]. Roboto is free to download for non-commercial use and may be used in both print and digital applications the same way we have used Helvetica Neue in the past.
  • Greenpeace’s written voice is clear and plain-spoken, and our typography reinforces that. When you’re styling text, make it simple and straightforward — don’t overthink it.

Download Roboto

Using other typefaces

Personality fonts may be used to help convey a specific feeling or to complement pre-existing materials. They may also be used when spoofing an organisation to undermine its brand. Personality fonts should be used in conjunction with Helvetica as a body font, and should be used consistently throughout a particular project or campaign