Online and Tech Team Volunteer


Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organisation, which uses peaceful, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems, and develop solutions for a green and peaceful future. 


Greenpeace Australia Pacific is super excited to be  launching a new Online and Tech team that will use digital technology to take Creative Confrontation action that will take action to win campaigns and create a just and sustainable world. This is a great opportunity for you if you are excited to… 

  • Be part of an organisation who is working for Climate Justice throughout the Australia Pacific Region
  • Use your creative and technological interest and expertise to create creative tactics,  motivate and inspire others to take effective action on climate change
  • Take effective action with a team of committed people to win on important campaigns  
  • You are a team player who  works well with others and is a good empathetic communicator


We are looking for both a Coordinator and members of the new Online and Tech team. Volunteers in Greenpeace’s Online Tech team are designers of online and tech creative and confrontational tactics that further Greenpeace’s mission and help win on our campaigns.  Using creativity, experiments, and new or existing tools, this team is the embodiment of Greenpeace’s confrontational spirit in the digital world. 


Read the full Job Description here.

About the role

The primary purpose of the Online Tech Team Coordinator is to be a conduit between Greenpeace and Online Tech Team volunteers. The Online Tech Team Coordinator will be the “go-to” person volunteers enquiring about Greenpeace Online Tech Team and their  campaigning actions. Supported by the Head of Creative Confrontation & members of the Online Tech Team staff at Greenpeace Australia Pacific, you will be involved in creating an enriching volunteer experience for our volunteers in the new Online Tech team. This role has a time commitment of  2-3 hours per week, plus four days per year to perform creative confrontations, some travel may be required.

About you

  • You have experience leading from behind: You experience developing and maintaining a group of volunteers to achieve their goals. 
  • You are organised & communicative: you know how to keep people informed, organised and have the ability to clearly communicate with groups of people. 
  • You can inspire: Ability to motivate, influence and network and drive positive change.
  • You are professional: You have the Ability to maintain high level of professionalism, confidentiality and discretion.
  • You are people power focused: You love working with others, figuring out their strengths and interests then ensuring they are empowered, set up to success, collaborate and create change.
  • Excited about using technology creatively to create change: Excited about technology, passionate about Greenpeace’s mission and working as a team to use digital  creative confrontation to achieve it. 
  • You understand basic digital platforms: You are a power user in popular online platforms (e.g. Slack, G Suite, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp, Signal) and you like learning new technologies and sharing your knowledge.


Read the full Job Description here.

About the role 

You will be working with Greenpeace Australia Pacific staff and other Online Tech Team members to collaboratively brainstorm, develop, review and execute digital creative confrontational actions. Online Tech Team members are highly passionate about the movement and making an impact in digital spaces. They come from all walks of life, and have a range of digital skills, from social media super-users all the way up to seasoned software architects. Volunteering in the Online Tech Team will require a regular time commitment of approximately 1-2 hour  a week, both in person and online. When performing actions, you will also need to be available on up to 4 full business days a year and available to travel for key moments  which may require you taking leave if you work full time.

About you

    • Excited about using technology creatively to create change: You are excited to be thinking outside the box to come up with creative and confrontational digital tech based tactics that align with Greenpeace’s mission.
    • Know the tricks & keeping abreast of new digital tech: You are a power user in popular online platforms (e.g. G Suite, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp, Signal. You keep up to date with new tech and often think about how these can be used or exploited for creative confrontation.
    • Thoughtful problem solving: You start by considering the context and strategy of campaigns and can create plans and tactics which consider the various problems, complexities and surprises when running live campaigns. 
    • Team player: You know that we are stronger together. You enjoy working collaboratively with team members with a variety of skill sets and backgrounds to accomplish a common goal. You care about discovering, teaching and growing together.
    • Empathetic communication: You communicate nuanced ideas clearly, whether you’re explaining technical decisions in writing or brainstorming in real time. In disagreements, you engage thoughtfully with other perspectives and compromise when needed.
    • Not ideological about technology: You’re happy to pick the right tool or technology for the job, even if it means you get to learn something new when it’s best for the project and the team.


Being a team member or coordinator of the Greenpeace Online and Tech team offers you many opportunities to learn, grow and make change, including… 

  • Being part of a great team of volunteers and staff who are passionate about making change, interested in technology and excited to put it all to practice; 
  • An opportunity to experiment, learn from other people and build on your amazing skills; 
  • The chance to learn about effective campaigning and strategy development and use your knowledge and skills to effectively make change; and
  • Be part of a global organisation of passionate and skilled change makers!


Research shows that candidates from underrepresented groups (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, People of Colour, Women, LGBTQIA+ communities, and people living with a disability) often don’t apply for roles if they don’t meet all the criteria – unlike majority candidates meeting significantly fewer requirements. We strongly encourage you to apply if you’re interested; we’d love to know how you can amplify our team with your unique experience!

Apply Here

Once you’ve applied, you’ll be invited to come along to the Tech & Online team Launch evening, where you will have the chance to try putting your skills and interests to the test on a real campaign – You will receive detailed instructions once you apply for a role. 

Applications close at midnight at midnight on the 3rd of August