• John West: Australia’s worst tuna brand

    16 October 2012

    Monday, 22 October, 2012, Sydney: Greenpeace has today launched a major new campaign exposing Australia’s biggest tuna brand, John West, for unnecessarily killing a whole host of marine life, including sharks, rays, baby tuna and endangered sea turtles for its canned products.

  • Greenpeace campaign censored

    30 October 2012

    Wednesday, 31 October, 2012, Melbourne: Greenpeace is demanding John West clarify whether it was involved in a decision by a small family-owned company to remove a billboard targeting the company near its head office in Melbourne.

  • John West censors damning YouTube video

    31 October 2012

    Thursday, November 1, 2012, Sydney: John West attempted to suppress damning evidence about destructive fishing methods used by the company today by removing a Greenpeace spoof video from YouTube.

  • Minister wrong about toxic mine-water release

    7 November 2012

    8th November, 2012: Greenpeace says Queensland Environment Minister, Andrew Powell, is wrong when he says new laws being rushed through Parliament won’t allow the release of stagnant, toxic flood water from Queensland coal mines into Queensland drinking water.

  • Coal miners face growing anger over damage to Great Barrier Reef

    11 November 2012

    12 November, 2012: Coal industry executives were faced with over 100 protesters outside the Galilee Basin Coal Conference at the Brisbane Hilton this morning, calling for a halt to coal development that threatens the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Greenpeace gives John West HQ a makeover

    14 November 2012

    Melbourne, Thursday 15 November, 2012: Sharks and a giant tuna can are occupying the roof of John West’s headquarters in Melbourne this morning as part of a Greenpeace campaign to expose the company’s destructive fishing practices.

  • Shark attack ends without harm

    14 November 2012

    Thursday 15 November, 2012: Police have arrested two Greenpeace activists dressed as sharks, ending their five hour occupation of John West headquarters in Melbourne.

  • Super trawler belongs on the scrap heap

    18 November 2012

    Sydney 19th November, 2012: Greenpeace welcomes the Australian Government’s decision to extend the ban on the super trawler, Abel Tasman, for 2 full years.

  • John West cans destructive fishing

    3 December 2012

    3 December, 2012, Sydney: Just six weeks after the launch of Greenpeace’s ‘Reject John West’ campaign, John West has pledged to stop using destructive fishing methods that needlessly kill sharks, rays, baby tuna and turtles.