Super trawler threat demands permanent ban

Press release - 3 March, 2014

Greenpeace Australia Pacific has welcomed Prime Minister Abbott's statement that the Margiris super trawler "will stay banned" and has called on him to table legislation to permanently ban all super trawlers in all Australian waters.

The current federal legislation banning super trawlers ends in November 2014.
"The Prime Minister has signalled he is willing to erect what’s effectively a child gate against one super trawler. We need something far more significant that ensures we never see super trawlers in our waters again," said Nathaniel Pelle, Greenpeace Australia Pacific Oceans Campaigner.
"Tony Abbott’s statement that the Margiris "will stay banned" is a good indication that monster ships like this are repellent to the Australian people and bad news for Australian fishing."
"The Prime Minister should table legislation immediately to place a permanent ban on these ocean vacuum cleaners. Many others could be lining up to take the Margiris’ place come November."
Greenpeace spotted a vessel five times the size of the Margiris off the coasts of Norfolk Island only a fortnight ago, raising the alarm of Australian and New Zealand officials.
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