Supporter Relationships Volunteer

Job title: Supporter Relationships Volunteer

Reporting to: Supporter Relationships and Retention Manager

Commitment: 1 day per week, for 3 months (with option to continue)

Overall purpose of the job

The Fundraising Department’s major responsibility is the recruitment of supporters and through these supporters and others, to raise money, gain commitment to Greenpeace’s vision and mobilise action to achieve ecological sustainability.  As Greenpeace has a policy of not soliciting funds from corporations or governments, we are reliant on the support of individuals for all the funds to carry out our environmental campaigns.

The Fundraising Department’s current goal is:

To create and maintain a reliable, efficient and ethical funding base which meets the needs of Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

Specifically our goals are to:

  • Engender loyalty to Greenpeace in all our communication
  • Promote the Greenpeace campaign goals and objectives
  • Maintain a diverse and secure funding base
  • Be responsible as a Department for meeting budget targets
  • Present truthful and accessible reporting of all programs
  • Change the way people think about spending their money
  • Provide an annual net increase in available funds.


The Supporter Relationships Volunteer will be assisting the Fundraising team with general administrative duties. They will be working within a team who are responsible for providing warm, friendly, informed and energetic interaction with Greenpeace’s financial and non-financial supporters and the general public via the telephone, email, mail and face-to-face. The key objective is to communicate with passion, inspiring supporters and the public about Greenpeace’s work to protect the planet.

Main duties and responsibilities

Administration and data processing

  • Collate feedback from supporters to report back to the rest of the organisation
  • Engage with and thank supporters who want to do an activity to raise money for Greenpeace
  • Action and respond to emails from supporters that requires non-financial data to be updated
  • Process return to sender mail and update the database
  • Data processing when leads for new supporters are received offline (e.g. entering a petition signature given at a stall or GP event into the database)
  • Assistance with any other fundraising projects as requested by the SR Manager

Compliance with framework conditions

  • Abide by Greenpeace Australia Pacific employment policies as relevant (including but not limited to: Workplace Health and Safety, Equal Opportunity Employment, confidentiality policies)
  • Ensure that your personal or campaign activities will not bring Greenpeace into disrepute (in case of doubt you will be expected to discuss the issues with the Supporter Relationships and Retention Manager).


Organisational competencies

  • Professionalism and commitment, in particular high-quality planning and organising
  • Achievement, in particular towards measurable objectives both individually and for Greenpeace
  • Interpersonal relationship skills, in particular building constructive and long-term relationships with both internal and external parties
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Values diversity, in particular having a global mindset and cultural awareness
  • Innovation, in particular considering the ‘cutting-edge’ core value of Greenpeace.

Technical competencies

  • Basic computer skills.

Method related competencies

  • Attention to Detail
  • High level of accuracy
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility.

Social competencies

  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to work as part of a team.


  • Identification with Greenpeace goals and belief in Greenpeace values.

Specific work environment

  • Based at Sydney office in Ultimo.

How to apply:

Greenpeace welcomes and values diversity of people, cultural experiences and perspectives. We actively encourage applications from all corners of our global society. Through our campaigning, we create solutions that promote environmental sustainability rooted in social justice.

To apply for this role please submit a CV (of no more than 3 pages) and a separate Cover Letter (of no more than 1 page) detailing your suitability for the role.

Note: Not all responsibilities and competencies listed in the Job Description need to be addressed; it is left to the discretion of the applicant which to focus on.


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